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29th July: Education Sector and Meeting Logistics

The conversation in the Artificial Intelligence community revolved around the education sector and meeting logistics.

Education Sector

  • A member inquired about the total number of universities and schools of higher education in the Middle East.
  • Another member mentioned registering through Topmate to provide an expected number of attendees for the meetup.
  • A source from Statista was shared, projecting the revenue from the NLP software market in the Middle East and Africa to be $133.5 billion by 2025.

Meeting Logistics

  • The idea of creating a recurring calendar invite for the meetings was discussed.
  • The importance of registering for the meeting to receive the Zoom link was emphasized.
  • The meeting organizer mentioned uploading a recording of the session for AIGuild members.



30th July : Learning Through Chatgpt and Recommended Books

Members discussed their experiences with Chatgpt and advised caution when relying on it for learning. One member suggested two books for in-depth statistical learning: “An Introduction to Statistical Learning” (ISL) and “The Elements of Statistical Learning” (ESL). They discussed the differences between the two.

Chatgpt’s Accuracy and Trustworthiness

  • Members advised against blindly trusting Chatgpt as they had encountered instances where its outputs regarding SQL/Python questions were incorrect.
  • Learning through Chatgpt was discouraged due to its potential limitations.
  • Caution was advised to not fully rely on Chatgpt in its current state.

Recommended Books for Statistical Learning

  • ISL (“An Introduction to Statistical Learning”) was described as a beginner-friendly introduction suitable for a broader audience.
  • ESL (“The Elements of Statistical Learning”) was described as an in-depth and advanced treatment intended for readers with a strong mathematical background.
  • ISL was considered accessible, while ESL was seen as comprehensive and advanced.

Llama2 Finetuning and Repropositories

  • A member inquired about a good repository for llama2 finetuning on PDFs.
  • Suggestions were made to use language chains such as HF or OpenAI, as well as tools like PDF readers, splitters, and embeddings.
  • HF (Hugging Face) was recommended as the best repository for Llama2.

Interest in Chat GPT-4 (MoE)

  • A member expressed interest in Chat GPT-4 (MoE) and mentioned wanting more information about it.
  • Suggestions were made to stay updated and download the latest version.
  • Recreating Chat GPT-4 was considered a great endeavor.


31st July: The conversation in the group focused on certifications and disease detection using machine learning algorithms.

Certification Programs

  • Members discussed if anyone had personal experience with certifications like CAP or CPDM.
  • They also asked for recommendations on other international certification programs.
  • No conclusion or preferences were shared by any member.

Disease Detection using ML

  • One member mentioned working on a college project for disease detection using machine learning algorithms.
  • They faced challenges with data gathering and the need for expert oversight during the process.
  • Another member shared a similar experience.

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