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Summary of chat 27/10

Knowledge Gaps

  • Members acknowledged the existence of knowledge gaps despite continuous learning.
  • WebBaseLoader was mentioned as a tool some members were not aware of.
  • Member emphasized the importance of minimizing knowledge gaps.

Power BI Use Cases

  • A member shared their interesting use case of generating reports and dashboards in Power BI with user question inputs.
  • The member invited others to discuss and collaborate on similar use cases.
  • A link was shared for further information and collaboration.

LLM Langchain



Summary of chat 26/10

Discussion on Hiring Product Managers for Generative AI Technology

The conversation revolved around a job opportunity for product managers with skills in Generative AI technology. The responsibilities and requirements for the role were shared, and members expressed their gratitude and reminded others to turn off notification sounds.

Job Opportunity: Product Managers for Generative AI

– Members were informed about a job opening for product managers with skills in Generative AI technology.
– The responsibilities for the role include keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in AI-generated models and conducting market research and trend analysis.
– The requirements for the role include a bachelor’s degree, more than 3 years of experience as a product manager in AI, and familiarity with AI technology and machine learning/deep learning model development.

Notification Settings

  1. “We reminded members to turn off notification sounds because the group includes members from different time zones.”
  2. “We suggested checking the group settings and requesting that members turn off notifications to avoid constant pinging.”

3. Some members expressed their gratitude for the reminder and thanked specific individuals for their contributions.

Square Root Solutions

The general answer to the square root of 4 is +/- 2.
Context plays a significant role in determining whether square roots can take negative values.
Acknowledging both positive and negative solutions is crucial for accurate and precise data modeling and calculations.

Summary of 25/10

Model Accuracy

Discussions revolve around the meaning of negative proportions in the context of R2 as the proportion of variation.
In mathematics, we can limit the meaning of negative proportions when the domain cannot fall below zero or exceed one
Considering the implications of negative proportions is essential for interpreting and evaluating model accuracy.

Zoom Session

  1. The Zoom license ran into issues, causing a break after 40 minutes, but we have planned a follow-up session for next week.
  2. Fewer participants attended the second half of the session, but everyone still considered it a great session overall.

Basic Math Challenge

Members discuss writing down the number ‘12,212’.

Arabic OCR

A member seeks advice on the best way to perform Arabic OCR.

Summary of chat 24/10

*Hackathon Partner Search*

Members discussed a hackathon opportunity using falcon LLM with 7b – 180b parameters and a deadline on the 26th. Kam expressed interest in finding a partner.

*Finding a Hackathon Partner*

– Berenisse is interested in partnering with Kam for the hackathon.
– Kam is looking for an enthusiast or expert to work with.
– Kam will share more details with interested participants.

*Open Data Science Projects*

– A member asked if they can contribute to any open data science projects in the hackathon.
– It wasn’t clarified if the hackathon specifically involves open data science projects.

*Looking to Hire a Full Stack Digital Marketeer*

– A member posted about a job opportunity for a full stack digital marketeer with design, branding, and growth experience.

  1. “The position has a mentioned budget of approximately 25,000 AED/month.”
  2. “We didn’t share any further discussions or preferences regarding this job opportunity.”


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Langchain , Models , Jobs and LLM


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