Meet Noureldine Adib Member of the Winning Team of AAICO Feb Hackathon.

Noureldine is a soon-to-graduate BSc Hons Computer Science (AI) student at Heriot-Watt University and currently works as a Graduate Intern at AAICO.

His practical experience is complemented by academic research in applying machine learning to cybersecurity, showcasing my ability to integrate cutting-edge technology into real-world applications. I have also demonstrated my skills in multiple hackathons, developing innovative solutions that address pressing technological challenges.

Welcome to our new grads at The Applied AI Company (AppliedAI) that will be working with Théo Fagnoni as part of the Advanced Prototypes team!

took part in our February 2024 Hackathon, and placed top 5 globally amongst 150+ teams and 280 participants registered to compete!

My experience with the AAICO hackathon was really positive. I’ve done many hackathons, but this one was unique. Trying out voice recognition was exciting, as you don’t see this often. It was also the first hackathon where winning was based on coding skills as opposed to presentation skills. In all the hackathons I have participated in, I’ve seen many teams in the top 3 because of their presentation, even though they hadn’t created a working solution or addressed the problem. Judges pay little attention to the engineering aspect of it, and in many cases, none of them are engineers. However, in the AAICO hackathon, the focus was on the engineering aspect, and we had to think and try many approaches to meet the constraints. Overall, it was well organized, and the task was very interesting.

This method of evaluating candidates through hackathons is an excellent approach as you see how they perform in the tasks they would expect to face on the job. You also get to see them work in a team under stress, which is not very easily seen during a regular interview.

Additionally, having a community to discuss and plan such events and host talks about topics in the field gives all those who participate a major advantage, as everyone can benefit from this.

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