Google launches Gemini, the AI model it hopes will take down GPT-4

🤖 Google introduces the Gemini era:

A universal AI model designed to understand multiple modalities such as text, code, audio, image, and video.

🌐 Gemini surpasses other models in benchmark tests:

Performing as well as expert humans in 50 different subject areas.

📱 Gemini offers three versions:

Ultra for complex tasks.

Pro for a broad range of tasks.

Nano for on-device tasks.

🛡️ Google emphasizes safety and responsibility in Gemini’s development:

Implementing proactive policies and rigorous testing to prevent harm.

💼 Gemini represents a monumental engineering task:

Aligning with Google’s mission to make AI helpful worldwide.

Google has launched Gemini, a new large language model designed to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4, and it is expected to have a significant impact on various Google products, including search, ads, and chatbots.

CEO Sundar Pichai describes Gemini as the beginning of a new era of AI at Google.

Bard in Action

Google launches Gemini, the AI model it hopes will take down GPT-4

Gemini is expected to influence a wide range of Google products.

It comes in multiple versions, including Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Ultra, each designed for specific purposes.

Bard, a Google chatbot, is now powered by Gemini Pro.

Developers and enterprise customers can access Gemini Pro through Google Generative AI Studio or Vertex AI in Google Cloud starting on December 13th.

Gemini is initially available only in English but will eventually integrate into various Google services worldwide.

Google claims that Gemini outperforms OpenAI’s GPT-4 in 30 out of 32 benchmarks, with a particular advantage in understanding and interacting with video and audio.

Gemini is designed to be efficient, faster, and cheaper to run than Google’s previous models.

Google is also launching the TPU v5p, a computing system for data centers, alongside Gemini.

Google sees coding as a significant application for Gemini, with a new code-generating system called AlphaCode 2.

Google emphasizes the importance of safety and responsibility in Gemini’s development and plans for cautious progress as they approach artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Gemini marks a significant step for Google in AI, as it competes with OpenAI and aims to make transformative contributions to the field.

The launch of Gemini is seen as the beginning of a larger AI project at Google and a potential game-changer in the AI landscape.

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